Irtaza was founded in the year 2018 by Asheem Tapadia, when he decided to search for a middle ground between a buffet service and a regular dine-in restaurant experience. “Irtaza” an Arabic word, means, “preferred” or “favorite”, and that’s what our client’s dream was — to create a space that becomes your preferred option for fresh, quick, authentic Indian meals that communicate moments defined by signature curries from different parts of our diverse country.


When Asheem, the owner of Irtaza, was ready to start fresh in a larger space, he looked to Odd Loop to create a brand that captured his unique vision for trailblazing food and arresting flavors in a dynamic, vocal atmosphere.


The restaurant with its modern minimalist architecture challenges the traditional landscape yet transports you to experience the charm of a haveli. We began with its branding process from an entirely typographic. Pairing the authentic Indian root elements with a minimal yet impactful font for the logo, it was a seamless meeting of the old and new, the traditional and the modern. The personality of the brand has been very well taken care of and comes through in full force with the color scheme and visual elements.