Meet the Client:

Best Oasis is a ship recycling company which operates from UAE and has its operations all across the world. They have a global presence with offices in Germany, Greece, UAE, Hong Kong, China, and Japan and exclusive representation in all key Ship Recycling markets.

The objective:

  • Build presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Posting relevant information related to the industry.
  • Derive traffic on the website through optimizing the website.

What We Did:

  • To build an audience on social media we posted industry-related information.
  • We also focused on posting current and on-going industry trends and developments, which received the highest engagement.
  • To increase the traffic on the website, we targeted keywords which were related to the services offered and have high search volume.


  • We have a strong follower base of 5506 on LinkedIn, wherein we communicate with our B2B audience on a daily basis.
  • The organic traffic of the website has increased by 15%.
  • Due to regular posting of current industry trends, there‚Äôs a significant rise in content interactions.


December 18, 2021


Digital campaigns, Social Media


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