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Blogging is fun. Every content creator who has been in this profession would whole-heartedly agree to it. However, there are roadblocks that one meets every now and then, and one of the most frequently occurring one is ideating topics for the next piece of content.

This can be even more exhausting if one has to come up with a new topic every single day. Needless to say, it often creates a burn-out and a writer’s block. So, it has become almost a necessity to have a tool for this in the kitty.

Here, we have listed the top 5 tools out there which can be used to generate an unlimited number of content topic ideas for you to work with.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot topic generator

This one is perhaps the easiest and most popular blog topic generator tool that are out there. All you have to do is fill in a couple of keywords and there you have it. You will have a bunch of topics returned to you right in a couple of seconds. You can easily plan your weeks’ worth of Blog content using this tool.

If you aren’t happy with the results, simply click, try again. You will have another list of topics ready for you to go with.


Buzzsumo content generator

Buzzsumo trumps over a lot of tools out there as it does more than just generate topics. It actually helps you analyse the existing content on your Blog and help plan your content strategy accordingly. Using Buzzsumo, you can see how your posts are performing by checking up on the social shares and back-links it attracted.

This way you can see which kind of posts resonate best with your audience and replicate the same in your next upcoming posts.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Every blogger has used Google Trends, at least once in their blogging lifetime. It isn’t comprehensive as the other ones in this list, but it can be treasure trove of content ideas if you know how to use it. First feed the content topic in the search box and you will get a list of related topics. Once you select the most relevant one, you get another list of related search queries that are most popular among the Google users.

Another great thing about Google Trends is that it allows you check if any topic is trending. Then you can plan your content strategy accordingly.

Another plus is that it is a free tool, hence can be used by all.

Content Row’s Link Bait Title Generator


This tool is pretty awesome because it will generate you a ton of link bait topics which have quite proven to be efficient in attracting traffic. However, there can be a downside to this. If you have only a shiny title but a hollow content, this would lead to a spike in the bounce rate of your blog. And this would give a negative signal to the Google.

So, the best way to avoid it is by having a quality content in place for your blog-post. This way people coming through those link bait topics won’t leave in a hurry.

Content Idea Generator by Portent


Another simple and very effective tool to generate blog-post topics using popular keywords. All you have to do is punch in your top keywords and let it do its magic. It might not be as comprehensive as some of the fancy tools like Buzzsumo, Hubspot, etc. but it does offer some click-worthy blog topics.



Whether I should do an influencer campaign or not? Today, this burning question is being asked by almost every marketer. In a digital landscape where marketing is largely driven by creator-led content, influencer campaign is certainly the sweetest share of the pie which every brand wants to taste. But in a world full of options, is it just the reach of an influencer matters? Is it how relevant is the product with the influencers’ brand persona? Or something more?

Let’s find out so that you can be pretty sure that your influencer campaign is going to be a hit.

  1. Authenticity & Relevance Go Hand in Hand

You have a great value proposition and authentic content, but you have to be relevant at the same time to make an influencer campaign successful. While planning a stellar influencer campaign you have to take into account that It is not just about your audience, but also about its relevance to the influencer’s brand. The campaign will only strike a chord if the creator has an authentic connect with the audience. If you, simple go by numbers of followers and popularity then its time to rethink your strategies. For-example, a stand-up comedian will work for a brand which is quirky, but if you are design agency then a popular Creative Director from the industry is your go to person.

  1. Focus More on Engagement than Paid Advertisements

This is actually an extension of the first point. While creating authentic and relevant content your primary objective should be engagement. Your influencer campaign won’t fly high if you focus more on advertising it. To be honest, people don’t like to see ads anymore. You have to be invested to your brand’s story and create engaging content that solves a specific problem or stirs a specific emotion. An engaging influencer campaign is the one which focus more on quality and value rather than quantity.

  1. Mark Your Sponsored Influencer Campaign

When an influencer is creator is creating a branded content, the audience has the right to know whether that piece of content is branded or sponsored by a brand. This not only increases the credibility of the brand, but also increases the value and authenticity of the entire influencer campaign. You can do this by using hashtags such as 

  1. Establish a Long-term Connect with the Influencers

Whether you are engaging with a sports influencer, artist or an actor, the key to success lies in establishing a long-term connect with the influencer. If the influencer believes in your product and creates genuine interest among her/his audience, then the right thing is to go long term instead of doing one off projects. You might have seen how some brands become synonymous to an influencer and vice versa, such as Amitabh Bachchan for Polio Drive or Shahrukh Khan for Hyundai. The examples are countless.

  1. Choose Quality over Quantity

While you do all the above things, it is also true that audience size remains a tempting affair in engaging with an influencer. When you see someone with a 500K followers on Instagram, you will definitely want to rope-in that person for your next influencer campaign. But you need to be mindful that today influencers can purchase audience and sometimes these are just inflated numbers, filled up with fake profiles. Before you engage with an influencer, see the quality of content and make your move accordingly

  1. Offer Something They Can’t Refuse

The best part of influencer marketing is that it is not solely based on hefty monetary transactions. If you are on a budget, you can still run some really successful influencer campaigns. You have to identify what that particular influencer wants. Sometimes a good influencer will be ready to do a collaboration or a barter. It all depends on how you want to tell your brand’s story. For example, if you a food brand, you will find many renowned food influencers and bloggers who will create engaging content in exchange of your products. All they want is to try your products and create honest and authentic content based on their experiences. People always want to be associated with this kind of content.

  1. Start with Micro-Influencers
Blogger with loudspeaker influencing on audience in social media

Last but not the least, it is always good to take small calculated steps. If you are new to the concept of influencer campaign and planning to give it a shot, then start engaging with the micro-influencers. This will help you to establish your identity in smaller communities which is otherwise difficult through big well-spent campaigns. Moreover, micro-influencers will be committed to your brand and will give their 100 percent as this is an equally opportunity for them and this will start turning the wheels of influencer campaign in action.


The Future Of Digital Marketing Rests With The Customers

Digital marketing services cover various services such as the promotion of your services, products or brand using the internet and electronic services. Every brand aims to reach a large number of potential customers at the right time, and effective results are delivered through digital marketing. But the statement that the future of digital marketing rests with the customer is true. It is the customers of brands who would decide the future of digital marketing growth. The distrust of the people towards influencers is growing. Such changes in trust and perception show that we are moving further away from the influencer model. 

Now brands are making efforts to target and engage approaches to capture audiences. Now the customers of the brands have become the critical audience of the creators. In numerous types of research conducted in the sphere of digital marketing, it has been found that instead of the influencers, the more effective medium of digital marketing is the customers. This is due to the reason that customers would trust and hear from the people they know instead of the influencers. Now brands should prioritize user-generated content (UGC) which is an authentic and more sustainable approach to gathering the customer’s curated content. Moreover, as the digital marketing world is changing rapidly, below are a few ways brands can easily capitalize on the UGC to effectively collect the best quality content for their digital marketing campaign.

● Enhance the relationship with the customers through incentive

One of the most effective ways to have successful user-generated content is to create an interesting one in which the customers will actively participate. You can increase loyalty and make the customers repeat their purchases by offering them incentives while submitting content. You can also run social media contests or hashtag challenges from where you can get the specific content you are looking for.

● You need to know when you should give priority to the brand-sponsored campaign

In today’s world, the brands which promote content from real customers are perceived as more trustworthy, and in this instance, the customers are more likely to prefer those businesses. With the millennials and gen z using social media and the internet more than other people, they can be easily turned into potential customers. With the digital marketing services, to promote your brand, you need to start preferring sponsored content as the sponsored content has now started to wear on the customers more effectively.

● Furnish the customers with resources so that they can create what you want to see

You need to be vocal and communicate effectively with the consumer with regard to the type of content you are looking to receive. You can create a submission page on your website or print QR codes with your products which would eventually land them on the submission page. On the submission page, you can explain everything about what type of content you require, provide them with tips etc. Once the customers upload them, you can ask permission from the consumers to use them for future marketing initiatives.

Hence, future changes in the sphere of digital marketing is imminent. As brands are now focusing on their own customers for the marketing campaign, there is a perfect opportunity for you to strategically utilize the user-generated content within the marketing initiatives.


5 Things You Need To Get A Hashtag To Trend On Twitter

One of the fundamental digital marketing skills is knowing how to create a hashtag that can trend on Twitter. Hashtags are amazing business tools that can effectively generate a buzz about your brand, event or product, find leads, enhance brand awareness etc. If the hashtag is used correctly, it can easily spark conversations and effectively carry the brand message to the audiences across the social media platform. The flexibility on the part of a hashtag makes them more appealing. In order to know how your hashtag is performing, you can even keep track of its performance.

Creating an effective hashtag is not rocket science, but anyone can easily do it and do effective social media marketing. However, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while creating a hashtag if you want it to make user-friendly. Hashtags should be made with a perfect balance between being too specific and not too specific. By following the below-mentioned 5 steps, you can easily create a hashtag for your brand to trend on Twitter.

Ways to make a hashtag trend on Twitter

 Create a short and crisp hashtag

While using the Twitter services to create a hashtag for your brand to increase the leads or promote your brand or product. You need to ensure that you do not create a hashtag that is very long and clumsy. Similarly, they should not be overly complicated. While making a hashtag, you need to be creative but keep it simple so that your audience easily understands it and repeats it. The crisp and short hashtags are more memorable, and they are more likely to trend. Similarly, along with this, you also need to ensure that the audience can comprehend the hashtag appropriately and your brand does not fall into any crossfire due to miscommunication.

Do not use too many hashtags in a single post

To make effective social media marketing on Twitter, the fundamental principle that you need to remember is that you should not use too many hashtags in a single post. It may seem tempting to reach a large audience through the numerous hashtags in a single post. But too many hashtags in a single post can make it look more clumsy and spammy.

Do proper research when you are using the hashtag

You should put the hashtags in your post after making a thorough research. Some hashtags might seem to be general, and they can be applied to anything, but they are more prone to get misused. Hence, it remains imperative that you should make a proper and thorough research before using any pre-existing hashtags.

Create original hashtag

While making a hashtag, you should not copy it from any other brand or product; rather, you should try to devise an original hashtag for your brand or product. Creating a customized hashtag will enable people to easily connect with you and associate your brand more effectively. Through this, you can easily spark conversation with your customers and make your hashtag a trending one on Twitter.

Create actionable hashtag

The primary aim behind creating a hashtag should be to create a buzz on Twitter. People usually connect with a hashtag that is actionable. You should also make your hashtag actionable, which activates the people and motivates them to spark a conversation. Through your hashtag, encourage the customers to take some action and speak through your actionable hashtag.

Hence, by following the above-mentioned 5 steps, you can easily trend a hashtag on Twitter. Twitter is also a preferable platform for social media marketing. However, apart from the above-mentioned steps, you also need to promote your hashtag and join in your conversations in your hashtag to make it more effective. 


Instagram will Remove the Shopping Page and Other Features

A recent report about Instagram says the platform is rolling back several of its shopping features; the news came up this past week on Tuesday. Instagram revealed in an indoor memo circulated to staff on 6th September 2022 that it’s removing the Shopping page thanks to “shifts in company priorities.” Instagram plans to pivot toward a less personalized version of the shopping page that it’s calling “Tab Lite.

A representative for Meta told Insider through a mail that, “Commerce remains essential for Platform as they still make it more simpler for people to get and shop products throughout the app from feed, stories, reels and innovations like live shopping and drops.” On 7th September 2022, the corporate will launch a public test of its application which will reveal users to the “Tab Lite” version of its shopping page, the data noted from Tuesday’s memo. consistent with The News, the platform intends to get rid of the button that directs users to the prevailing shopping tab by March 2023.

In addition to Instagram’s decline in shopping, Meta’s platforms are pulling back on commerce initiatives. The tech giant put a slew of commerce features on hold earlier this summer, in line with the knowledge. in step with the data, Meta has invested in ‘creator commerce’ within Instagram shopping, a ‘Friends & Family Shopping’ section, and community-driven shopping projects. Instagram remains a shopping destination despite its identity as a social media platform. the data reported that an organization spokesperson said, “Our goal is to create Instagram the simplest place for people to explore and buy products from their favorite brands and creators.”